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Istvan Brinza was born on the 9th of November 1960, in Budapest, Hungary.  At the age of three he was placed in an orphanage where he attended grammar school and then continued onto high school where he received auto mechanic training till the age of eighteen.


”As much as I missed my parents and my siblings I had conditioned myself to be a survivor in this idle place (the orphanage, Foti Gyermekvaros) for children to grow.”


After attending high school he submitted an application to the Academy Of Fine Arts of Hungary in Budapest, but was denied.


”From the time I can remember recognizing my gift, I wanted to follow my dream to open the wings of this giant bird that would bring the news to all.”


Istvan Brinza was then called upon to serve the Hungarian army.  During the latter part of his year in a half of service he had painted a reproduction of an old Hungarian masters artwork for the military.


Following his service in the Hungarian army he then reapplied to the Academy Of Fine Arts of Hungary only to be denied once again.

Tired of rejection and with the help of his brother Tibor Brinza, at the age of twenty-five Istvan Brinza moved to West Germany and persistently continued his work in the fine arts.


In 1987 he moved to the United Statesand settled in the state of Rhode Island where he took on different lines of work through the following three years to support his passion for producing fine art. At present day he not only continues to produce fine art but also designs and constructs fine furniture.




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